Essence & Presence Workshops

After a successful Acting in Real Time workshop for NYU Berlin,

Berlin 2016







I’m happy to announce yet another series of three workshops Essence & Presence, Nancy Gabor and I are planning for May 2016 in New York (May 6-8), LA (May 13-15) and Portland (May 20-22)


All information about these workshops as to WHO, WHAT, WHERE and HOW to book, can be found on our new website:

Broadway World, an internet magazine, published an article announcing our workshops:

We started our workshops last year and we were encouraged by the response and the accomplishments of the participants in this exciting event to continue. We have been doing a lot of work lately, together with our collaborators on the ground Greg Taubman (who created our brochure) and Chie Morita in New York, in LA Diana Wyenn (who created our website), Lizi Watt and Kestrel Leah (of Paloma Street Studio in LA, and Kristin Olson in Portland.

This Spring we hope to attract again a group of enthusiastic and talented people: actors, dancers, singers, performers in the broadest sense, directors and choreographers, and as we have experienced, they don’t have all to be professionals.

Coming summer I will be teaching another Acting in Real Time workshop for NYU Tisch Summerschool in Amsterdam, and Nancy and I are teaching for the Amsterdam Theater School/ATKA in August/September.

Meanwhile we keep breathing.




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